How to Find the Best Hairstylist Near Me with Platinum Training

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on July, 2021

Many men and women are currently struggling with the question, “what’s the best hairstylist near me?”

Location is important for convincing, but they shouldn’t just be trying to find the closest salon. Beyond just a nearby location, they should be looking for valuable hairstylists that possess certain qualities and qualifications. The question should also be “what makes a hairstylist great?” not just, “who’s the best hairstylist near me?”

The best hairstylist in the surrounding area will be the one that listens to the client’s needs and understands the client’s overall vision. The best hairstylist is one that can bring the ideas to life with the highest quality products and years of experience. A salon with a Platinum-trained hairstylist is guaranteed to exceed expectations. In that type of salon, the other hairstylist is in Bronze training under the Platinum stylist. No matter which stylist, the results will be amazing in a salon that dedicates that level of passion to the profession.

Evelyn Kershaw is the premiere Platinum hairstylist for Plano, TX. The entire salon excuses the excellence that she has poured into her work. The salon offers a huge selection of services including haircuts, color, extensions, bridal, special events, blowouts, and more. In addition to the long list of services, the salon has a massive inventory of high-quality hair care and beauty products available. Even with such high standards, the salon is dedicated to operating at competitive prices to meet individual budgets.

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