The Environmental Benefit of Metal Recycling in Newark, NJ

Posted by Alex on December, 2014

You have probably met people who are earning a living, or at least some extra money, by Metal Recycling in Newark NJ. This may not be how you want to spend your weekends, but there is more to the process than just people earning spending money. Scrap metal recycling is helping to save the planet, and this is something that everyone should care about.

There is more than one benefit to be had from metal recycling. The most obvious is that it helps to eliminate the eyesore of old automobiles, farm equipment and appliances littering yards and junk yards. These unwanted pieces are no longer destined for landfills, saving an enormous amount of space at these facilities.

Recycling metal also eliminates the need to mine materials to manufacture new products. Recycled metal saves as much as 60 to 95 percent of the energy needed to produce the same item from raw materials. Consider that one single aluminum beer can, if recycled, will save the same amount of energy as what it would take to run a computer for nearly three hours.

Metal scrap yards are also cautious about sorting the metal and removing and properly disposing of everything hazardous. Cars, for example, will have items like oil, gas, batteries and mercury switches removed. In the past, these items were often left sitting inside the vehicles in junkyards, dripping their chemicals into the ground beneath them.

Steel recycling today is able to save the equivalent amount of energy every year as is needed to power 20 percent of all the home in the United States for one year. It is easy to see that even if you are not interested in earning extra money through recycling metal, the process is helping you to save money anyways.

Companies like C And K Scrap provide a drop-off location for Metal Recycling in Newark NJ. They can take off your hands any old scrap metal hanging around your house. They can also help you to understand more about what can and cannot be recycled and how their business is helping to do their share to clean up the world.





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