Recycling Services in Rockland County Quickly Remove Trash and Items to be Recyled

Posted by admin on December, 2014

Small business owners know that it’s important to implement environmental protection strategies in their business plan. Recycling cardboard, newspaper, glass, plastics and aluminum are a good place to start. However, multiple recycling bins take up space. Employees have to spend time sorting the materials and then taking it to the landfill. Hire recycling services in Rockland County is a much better alternative. A professional from the company will meet with the business owner on their site to analyze their solid waste stream.

Not only do businesses generate different types of waste, but they do it on different schedules. A restaurant will have peak hours during the day and Saturday night may be their busiest day of the week. A warehouse may consistently ship the same amount of business each day for 11 months of the year. Then they will have to gear up for the Christmas season. Recycling Services in Rockland County can adapt to any type of business pattern. They can also help the business determine the best place for their recycling containers. A warehouse will have extra space in their parking lot. They can also secure the area at night. Restaurants may have a much smaller parking lot. It is not appetizing for customers to walk by recycling bins on their way to dinner. Factories often put their containers next to the production line that generates the plastic or aluminum waste.

Recycling Services know that business conditions can change quickly. An unexpected restaurant review can attract hundreds of new diners in one night. This could cause an overflow of trash and garbage. A 24-hour emergency hot line is available for the business owner to call. Local health agents expect trash to be hauled away promptly. They can shut down a food business quickly, if they feel it will bring rodents into the area. The recycling company will have a truck out to the area to remove trash and the items to be recycled. With that problem taken care of, the restaurant owner can return to running his restaurant and impressing his new diners. Small businesses appreciate this type of support.

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