The Best Things to Do in Cabo during a Winter Break

Posted by Phineas Gray on March, 2015

While Cabo San Lucas can be visited any time of the year, it is especially inviting during the winter season – an escape from the dreariness of a northern winter’s day. Cabo San Lucas is situated on the tip of the Baja California peninsula, which is found in Baja California Sur, a state in Mexico. San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, combined, make up Los Cabos, which in 2010 boasted a local population of just over 68,000 residents.

The best things to do in Cabo include a number of things; all easy to find when you visit this popular destination as it is considered on the top five tourist spots in Mexico. The resort location is known for its scuba diving, inviting and tropical shaded beaches, seaside towns, known as balnearios, and abundant marine life. Timeshare and resorts span the length of the coast between San José Del Cabo and Lose Cabos.

As noted, planning a getaway is fun during any season. However, there are some activities in Cabo that are ideal for visitors taking a winter break. Some of the best things to do in Cabo during a winter break include the following:

Whale Watching

You will be able to see lots whales jumping from the sparkling sea during the winter, specifically from the month of December to early April. Take a whale safari trip and watch these dynamic creatures greet you with leaps that match some of the ocean’s highest waves.

Before you go on the trip, plan you itinerary so you have a whale watching excursion already pre-booked and scheduled by the time you set foot in Cabo. Whale watching is often facilitated by speedboat transport. Often, you will be able to observe sea lions on your trip and interesting rock formations. Humpback whales are the species often seen in this part of the world.

Deep Sea Fishing

If you enjoy to fish, you will find deep sea fishing especially exhilarating. Even if you have not fished that much before, this is one memorable experience. Local companies in Cabo cater to all levels of experience, from the just-beginning fisherman to the veteran angler. Plus, there are a number of boating options and price levels. If you want to include the activity on your holiday itinerary then, it is best to do some research online first. You may also want to speak to the hotel where you will be staying to find out what they recommend in a deep sea fishing tour company.

A Visit to Wild Canyon

If you have older children in your family, a visit to Cabo is not complete without traveling to Wild Canyon during the winter season. This fun hiking adventure leads over treetop bridges and allows your eyes to feast on spectacular scenic views.