Drone Photography – Did You Know?

by | Mar 27, 2015 | Arts and Entertainment

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Have you ever wondered how certain scenes were filmed on movies when the camera pans over waterfalls, mountains and landmarks? If so, you’re about to get the answer to your question – drone photography. You won’t see a film crew capturing sweeping shots but instead, a remote-controlled drone. This aerial vehicle is usually unmanned and a lot of hobbyists around the world use them to capture awe-inspiring views of spectacular landscapes. Beneficial for business, there’s a few things you ought to know before investing in drone photography services.

Drones Could Contribute to Safe Infrastructure Maintenance

Imagine how may workers would need to be hired just to inspect an unstable bridge, skyscraper or building. It would not only require a lot of time and effort but also, it would cost a lot of money. With drone photography, structures can be viewed from all angles. What’s more, there is no need for harnesses, cranes or scaffolding to be purchased or rented for the job, therefore it is possible to maintain infrastructure in a safe way with the use of drone photography.

Drones Provide Easy Media Access for Hard-to-Reach Areas

You might have noticed that during certain news reports, the shot on the television switches to an aerial view sometimes, particularly when issues like flooding occur. This gives the viewer a better look at the scale of what has happened. Similar to the view one would have when riding in a helicopter, a drone can be maneouvered from one location to another with just the touch of a few buttons. A professional drone photographer will direct the drone in a safe, economical and efficient way.

Drones Could Save Lives

When most people think of drones they just picture an unmanned small aircraft flying around without even thinking about the fact that these inventions could actually save lives! Drones have been used in a lot of situations whereby a manmade or natural disaster has occurred. The photos will be high quality and will allow the viewer to spot signs of severe damaging without risking safety. First-response workers and rescue teams rely on images captured by a drone to ensure there are no further threats. In addition to this, images will be inspected carefully to make sure no individuals are lost or hurt at the site of disaster.


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