The Beautiful Bougainvillea Tree and Its Many Colors Seen in Florida

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2021

Florida, having many tropical areas where South American plants would easily flourish, is frequently dotted with the beautiful bougainvillea tree. The bougainvillea tree in Florida is practically synonymous with the state because it is grown in both private and public landscapes for its many colorful leaves and flowers. If you live in Florida and want to add color to your landscaping, the bougainvillea tree from Florida greenhouses is the way to go. Here are some color samples of this tree.

Pale Mauve
This stunning shade of purply pink bougainvillea is popular because of its lush color contrasting against its bright green leaves. It is one of the most popular color choices for bougainvillea. It is also one that people often associate with a tropical flower or tropical flower color.

Bright Yellow
Often planted alongside the pale mauve bougainvillea, the bright yellow flowers are cheerful and sunny. They look lovely next to the pale mauve trees too. A great color scheme in planting bougainvillea trees is to plant the yellow between the pale mauve flowers and the red or tri-color bougainvillea trees.

Flame Red or Tricolor
Flame red bougainvillea comes in two varieties. The solid bright red with no other colors involved, and the tricolor, which often has a little bright orange and/or a slight bit of yellow involved in the petals of the flowers are the two varieties. If you plant a red one, followed by a yellow one and then a pale mauve one, you end up with an explosion of color in your yard. For more options, visit Plant Life Farms at

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