Getting Acquainted with Types and Uses of Portable Ultrasound

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2021

Effective ultrasound imaging depends on several factors such as budget, type of practice, and complexity of images you need. Portable ultrasound offers choices in device and quality to facilitate monitoring, evaluations, and diagnostics.

Types of Portable Ultrasound Machine

Often it is quite useful to have the capacity to bring diagnostic equipment to your patient. Whether you have a heart patient who cannot easily get to your facility for a follow-up or a client with a pregnant horse and a broken-down trailer, bringing an ultrasonic unit to them is crucial. Many practitioners appreciate having multiple options when it comes to matching ultrasonic capabilities with portability.

  • Handheld – The ultrasound device fits your hand, weighing several ounces; A tablet often serves as the screen.
  • Laptop – Resemble laptops with one transducer; You adjust settings and resolution with the keyboard; laptop-style ultrasound machines only weigh seven to fifteen pounds.
  • Fold-down – Ports for two transducers.

Abilities of Different Tiers

Everyone has budgetary considerations when searching for the right equipment for their medical needs. Nevertheless, an ultrasonic device must be able to accomplish what you set out to do in your practice. For example, handheld ultrasounds cannot perform some of the high-end imaging of advanced cardiac evaluations because there is not enough space. However, you cannot beat their portability which makes them perfect for fluid measurements and as bedside monitors to list a couple of their abilities. Specialists and emergency professionals alike make use of handheld ultrasounds for rapid assessments. With technological advances, even economy machines can provide automatic image optimization, enough resolution to visualize a needle, and sufficient sophistication for tissue doppler. Mid- and high-range machines allow you to venture into the realm of 3D and 4D imaging, accurate deep tissue evaluations, and complex cardiac and OB/GYN diagnostic techniques.

Uses of Portable Ultrasound

Thanks to the remarkable progression of imaging, portable ultrasound has a vast array of uses.

  • Cardiac – Continuous-wave (CW) Doppler, stress echo, and color Doppler
  • Abdominal – Spleen, kidneys, liver, other structures
  • Equine – Tendon and ligament evaluations, early pregnancy detection
  • OB/GYN – Pregnancy, uterine and ovarian diagnoses
  • Pediatric
  • MSK – Musculoskeletal imaging which can evaluate muscles, nerves, and cartilage.
  • Small animal – Evaluate the abdomen for tumors as well as monitor pregnancy and assess organs same as people (liver, kidneys, adrenal glands, and others)

As you can see, portable ultrasound has a place in emergency medicine, specialty care, reproductive clinics, and veterinary hospitals.

Where to Go

If you need a portable ultrasound machine to enhance your practice or require service for the one you already own, contact Ultra Select Medical at Ultra Select Medical can provide guidance on economical, mid-range, or high-range, new, or refurbished ultrasound machines.

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