Steps to Find the Right Property Manager

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2018

It can seem difficult to find someone who can help you by taking care of your property. It’s important to know your real estate is in good hands. Hiring property managers in Las Vegas is not difficult if you take the time needed to make a solid decision. Here are some steps to help you in this important selection.

Step 1 – Ask for Referrals

After you determine the qualities you want in a manager, start by asking for referrals. Ask other real estate owners or agents to find out what companies they have worked with. Keep in mind, a referral doesn’t indicate it’s the right property manager for you. But it is likely you will find one you like from a referral from a peer.

Step 2 – Find Management Candidates

Check with professional organizations. The National Association of Residential Property Managers has a directory to search. If you belong to a real estate investment group, it might be a good place to ask for referrals as well. Whichever method you use, gather a list of possible candidates. This is not the time to select one, just make a list of potential options.

Step 3 – Generate Questions

Once you have gathered several potential candidates, create a list of questions you will ask them. This will be a useful tool for determining which will be the best one for your situation. Having the right (open-ended) questions can help eliminate the ones who are not the right fit.

Step 4 – Conduct the Interviews

Make an appointment with each candidate and conduct an interview with each one. Watch their behavior, non-verbal communication and pay attention to their answers to the questions.

Step 5 – Sign an Agreement

Part of the process of hiring property managers in Las Vegas includes a written agreement. Negotiate terms, and put it into writing for both of you to sign.

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