Never Go to Court Without a DUI Attorney in Burley, ID

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2018

Many suspected drunk drivers try to save money by defending themselves in court. In most cases, this mistake costs the defendant more than they saved by not hiring an attorney. The costs associated with a conviction are steep and could carry on for years. Defendants who are convicted of drunk driving offenses usually face higher insurance rates for years and, if a person’s job required them to drive, they might face a long period of unemployment after a DUI.

Hiring an Attorney Makes Sense

Few people understand the law as well as attorneys. While the average person might be able to study the laws related to their case, they aren’t likely to be able to compete with an experienced prosecutor in court. In some cases, the fines alone are more than the cost of a DUI Attorney in Burley ID. The criminal justice system counts on the majority of defendants to either plead guilty to the crime they were charged with or to take a plea deal. Law enforcement officers are rarely prepared to defend their actions or inactions in court against a skilled defense attorney.

Consequences of a Conviction

Most people who are convicted of DUI lose their driving privileges. They may also have to pay fines and could go to jail. If one or more people were hurt while the defendant was driving under the influence, penalties could be even more serious. By hiring a DUI Attorney in Burley ID, a defendant has a chance to avoid any of the penalties. The state has the burden of proof and must convince the judge or jury the defendant was under the influence when they came into contact with him or her. Contrary to what law enforcement officers and prosecutors may tell defendants, a failed Breathalyzer test alone is not enough to prove a person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Time is of the essence when it comes to DUI defense so Contact us to schedule an appointment right away. The sooner a defendant talks to an attorney about their case, the sooner they can start to prepare a defense and work to get the case dismissed or the defendant acquitted. Every DUI defendant will not be able to avoid penalties, but few defendants will avoid them if they represent themselves.

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