Remove Road Rash by Getting Rimskins!

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on May, 2016

Curb rash is what you get when you scratch your rim(s) against a curb during parallel parking, passing through a drive through window and many other times when you rub against a curb.  Most of the rims these days are generally made of soft alloy compounds.  They do not stand up well against concrete and the scratching and scuff marks can completely destroy the aesthetic look of your rims.  Since replacing your rims every time they become scratched or dented is monetarily prohibitive for most people, repairing them is the most feasible answer. If you get Rimskins, you can eliminate the problem altogether!

The Damage Usually is Repairable
Depending on much your rim is damaged, rim repairs to fix the scratches and make your rim look like new can be finished quite quickly.  If the scratch is deeply imbedded into the rim, the restoration process can take much longer.  If the damage was caused by your vehicle striking a curb at a high rate of speed, it could effectively affect the structure of the rim to the point where it is no longer safe to drive on the wheel.  In that case you will need to not only replace the rim, but most likely the tire itself.

How Simple Repairs are performed
If your rim has a clear coat on it, scratches will look white.  Light damage such as this is the most commonly seen and is very easy to fix.  Quite simply it requires some buffing and polish.  When the scratch is deep, deep enough to have gone through the clear coat, it will require a bit more work.  First you will need to rub the scratch out with a light grade of sandpaper, preferably fine, and then buff it smooth and then a new coat of paint needs to be put on.  Once the paint has fully dried, a new clear coat is put on to make it look shiny and new.

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