Apple Fundraising in Fresno: A Brief Guide

Posted by Phineas Gray on June, 2016

Non-profit organizations need to raise a lot of money through different channels in order to maintain their operations and make their organizations grow. Fundraising is a simple way of generating funds for a cause. Fundraising is done in schools, clubs, non-profit organizations, businesses (for charity purposes) and even athletic programs. However, rather than simply soliciting donations from interested individuals, you could make fundraising a lot of fun by planning the whole event carefully. An apple fundraising in Fresno has become a popular trend among many schools and colleges.

How Does Apple Fundraising Work?

Almost everybody loves eating candy apples. Not only do they taste delicious, but they are a perfect choice for children, teens and adults alike. There are several companies that sell flavored candy apples in stylish packaging. All you have to do is buy candy apples in bulk (which will net you a trade discount) and then sell them off at an increased retail price. It’s easy, hassle-free and doesn’t even require a large initial investment. That’s the basic concept of apple fundraising! Apple fundraising can be used for a variety of different reasons, including the installation of new equipment or expansion of an existing building.

Planning the Fundraiser

If you have decided to opt for an apple fundraising campaign, you will need to plan the fundraiser carefully. It’s best to set a formal event at a ballroom or an open venue. You need to show your investors that you are serious about the fundraiser and will use the money for a good cause. You will probably need to give written representations to the investors about how you will use the funds. Try not to spend too much money on the fundraiser, as it should not be an extravagant affair.

Conatct Chocolate Dipper, his specialty apple fundraising program has generated thousands of dollars for local Schools, Clubs, Athletic Programs, and Non-Profit Organizations throughout California.

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