Protect Your Ankles: Advice From Podiatrists in Elizabeth, NJ

Posted by Alex on June, 2014

Sprained ankles are often seen as a minor issue which will go away in a few days. The fact is, sprains can be a serious problem if they are not properly treated. A sprained ankle needs to be kept elevated, the area should be bandaged to prevent movement and swelling should be treated with ice. If the ankle remains swollen after a day or two or continues to swell despite home treatment, it should be looked at by a specialist.

The Foot & Ankle Specialists of NJ want to remind you that preventing a sprain is always preferable to treating one, so take the time to take care of your feet by following these tips.

Warm Up First
It is always a good idea to warm up before any exercise. Many athletes concentrate on warming up their muscles, but forget their ankles are vulnerable to injury too. Take the time to learn the appropriate flexing exercises experts recommend for ankles and do them every time before you work out.

Footwear Matters
High heels are bad for the feet in many ways. They are also an extreme hazard for ankles. If you feel you must wear them, stick with a moderate heel and choose a wedge over a more narrow option whenever possible. For athletes, choose the right shoe for the sport and make sure they fit appropriately.

Watch Your Step
Be cautious of uneven terrain, particularly when jogging. Wet and slippery surfaces and loose gravel are all areas to treat with caution. Avoid jogging or playing outdoor sports at night when uneven surfaces or other tripping hazards are hidden in the shadows.

Be Healthy
All Podiatrists Elizabeth NJ residents visit will recommend their patients maintain an appropriate weight to avoid straining all joints, including the ankles. Exercise regularly and include exercises in your routine which will improve balance. Do not overdo it if you are a beginner or if you have been inactive for a length of time.

Protecting your ankles is really just a matter of being cautious and taking the time to do things right. If an injury occurs, do not try to ignore it or “walk it off”. Podiatrists Elizabeth NJ patients rely on can assist with any concerns you may have about your foot health or advise you on treatments available for a previous foot or ankle injury. Do not suffer needlessly, contact one today.

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