Caring for Your Pet’s Teeth at Your Veterinary in Honolulu

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Business

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Pets need regular dental care just as much as people do to stay healthy overall. Diseased gums in dogs and cats have been linked to heart problems and respiratory problems. Here are some of the most important reasons to get regular, comprehensive dental care for your pet at your Veterinary in Honolulu.

Dogs and cats are good at hiding pain and as they have no way to speak to us, they often have to suffer in silence if something is hurting them. This means that the owner may never know there is a dental problem until is it so advanced that they notice it themselves or the pet can no longer eat or is not acting like himself. Because pets cannot tell their owner outright that something is the matter, it is very important to go in for regular check ups at a Veterinary in Honolulu to make sure that the pet is living a comfortable, pain free life.

Dental disease has been proven time and time again to cause damage to a pet’s heart and in some cases, other organs as well. During a regular dental check up at the Veterinary in Honolulu the doctor will exam and clean your pet’s gums and teeth and make sure there is no threat of disease. Not only will this ensure that your pet is healthy and give you peace of mind, but doing these regular check ups will prevent other health problems. This will save you money on your pet’s care in the long run and extend the life of your beloved pet.

Pet’s teeth wear out at a much faster rate than human teeth do. This process can be quite painful if the pet is not properly cared for with dental check ups in his old age. Cats are particularly hard on their incisors. They can wear them down to a pulp and this becomes very painful for the cat. This will show when the cat “smiles” as a black spot on the incisor. It can also lead to periodontal disease and other health problems. If you notice your cat’s teeth looking worn, take him to the Veterinary in Honolulu right away.

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