Proper Use of Garbage Disposal in Rockland County NY

by | May 31, 2017 | Plumbing

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The garbage disposal is a very powerful kitchen and household appliance which makes the life of people much easier. Garbage disposal units take solid waste and pulverize it, after which it sends it through the waste treatment system which could be the city sewer or the septic system. But unfortunately, Garbage Disposal in Rockland County NY remains one of the most abused appliances in the kitchen. Expensive plumbing bills, clogs, blockages, jams, and odors result from inattention and the grinding of wrong items in the garbage disposal unit. Many of these problems can be avoided with proper maintenance and care.

Before the unit is used, the cold water must first be turned on for at least fifteen seconds. Then put on the unit and slowly put in the garbage food a little at a time. Once the grinding stops and all the garbage food has been flushed, leave the tap on for another thirty seconds to ensure that the drain is properly flushed, after which it can be turned off.

Foods and items which are not biodegradable should not be placed into the unit because it can cause damage to the blades and motor. Never put in items like plastics, glass, paper products and metal into the unit. Other fibrous foods such as potato peels, corn husks, onion sins and celery stalks should also not be fed into the unit. This is because the fibers can cause jamming of the motor or the clogging of the drain. Oil and grease should never be poured down the drain since it can solidify and accumulate resulting in clogged pipes and bad odor.

To prevent bad odors from the unit, it is recommended that cut-up limes and lemons be tossed into the garbage disposal unit. Also, tossing frozen vinegar into the unit helps to remove the accumulated food particles and residues clinging to the walls of the unit. The vinegar also helps to eradicate the bacteria which causes the bad odor.

Always remember to turn on the cold water when the disposal unit is in use. Ensure that the unit is kept clean by pouring in hot and soapy water daily. Keep your disposal clean by running hot, soapy water through it every day. Contact for more information and inquiries on Garbage Disposal in Rockland County NY.

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