How to Know when Your Home Needs to be Re-Insulated

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on May, 2017

When it comes to the insulation in a home, homeowners usually do not give it a second thought. Hidden in the attic and behind walls, people do not think about their home’s insulation because it remains an unseen part of the structure. Insulation, though, plays a vital role in controlling the temperature of the dwelling. Without the padding, cold and hot air would easily pass through the walls making it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in the building. When a home shows signs of poor insulation, it is important to contact a professional about attic insulation services in Brampton to help resolve any issues there may be.

Signs of Poor Insulation

  • An energy bill can reflect when it is time to have the insulation replaced in a home. If the bill has been higher in the last year or two with a huge difference, it is a sure sign the building would benefit from re-insulation.
  • The age of the home can determine whether attic insulation services in Brampton is required. Any home 10 years or older would greatly benefit from having re-insulation performed.
  • Dramatic temperature changes in the home can reflect poor insulation. If one room is colder than another is a sure sign the building is under-insulated.
  • The floors and walls are cold to the touch.
  • Moisture that is found in the attic can occur when not appropriately insulated.
  • Ice dams that form on the roof is an indication the home’s attic is lacking proper insulation.

Re-Insulation is a Wise Investment

If you home is showing signs that the insulation is failing or it has been more than 10 years since it has been insulated. You should contact a professional to learn how they can provide the services to keep your home adequately insulated. George Kent is your go-to source for insulation needs to help regulate the temperature of the home and protect the value of your property.

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