Key Factors to Deliberate Upon When Searching for a Dependable Doggy Day Care

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2018

If you’ve been thinking about investing in doggy daycare for your plucky pet, you probably want to know how to find the best day care around. If your dog is going to be somewhere other than home for long hours while you work, you want to know that he’s safe, cared for, and enjoying his stay.

Many people who work outside the home find that they have to take quite a bit of time away from their dogs. A dog walker who stops by once a day can make sure some care is available, but being alone for many hours is tough for a social animal like the canine. If you have a dog that gets along well with others, a day care might add some happiness to her day and make you feel a bit less guilty about being gone so long on work days.

You want to visit any doggy daycare you are considering. Look for a location that is clean and has good ventilation. Some doggy odor is normal but if you smell urine and feces, that can be a bad sign. You also should pass on the place that smells bathed in bleach, those fumes can be bad for your dog.

While you tour the facility, make sure there are areas for both rest and play. You should also see dogs being rotated in and out of each area. Your recently exercised dog needs a nice rest after he’s tired out. You should also look for many options for clean water for the dogs, in kennels and play areas. Another thing to ask about is whether there are outdoor walks so your dog doesn’t revert to needing housetraining.

Your dog needs supervision through the day so look for a good number of employees who seem well-trained. That means they should know about dog body language and behavior at the least, in order to prevent conflicts and anxiety between dogs. They should also be aware of proper training by eliciting good behavior. Finally, they should also know how to tell if a dog is hurt or sick and there should be someone available who is trained in canine first aid.

At K9 Resorts in East Brunswick, you can find doggie daycare, luxury boarding, resort services, and more. Your pet will enjoy time with other dogs while you’re unavailable and come home to you happy and relaxed. To schedule a tour of the facility or learn more, call us at 732-390-7877.

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