Potential Salary after Training at Arizona Massage Therapy Schools

by | Dec 8, 2014 | Health and Medical

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If you have ever been interested in a career that would give you a flexible schedule, good pay, short training time, and the satisfaction of helping others, a career in massage therapy at one of the Arizona massage therapy schools may be right for you.

However, many potential students wonder, as they should, what their pay and salary might look once they have their certification. This article brings together findings on Salary.com, US dept of Labor, and other sources to answer the question of salary a massage therapist can make after graduating from an accredited Arizona massage therapy school.


According to Salary.com, 62% massage therapists only have a high school diploma, and 22% have an Associated Degree. Only a small percentage of massage therapists hold higher degrees, and most of them earned their certification after graduating from an accredited massage therapy school.

Arizona massage therapy schools require 750 hours of training to meet the state requirements for state licensure.

Average Salary

According to Salary.com, the median salary of a massage therapist is about $39,635 annually, or about $19.00 per hour. This measurement only includes a portion of calculated tips received.

Although massage therapists make a little bit less than their other healthcare counterparts, massage therapists are able to supplement their income in ways that other healthcare professionals cannot. In addition to seeking employment at a massage facility, spa, hotel, or medical facility, massage therapists also have the opportunity to freelance as private massage agents. They are able to sell the service without intermediary, if they choose.

Additionally, massage therapists, unlike other healthcare professionals, are allowed and even encouraged to accept generous tips.

The lower 10% of the salary bell curve makes an average of $28,606 annually, and the higher 10% of massage therapists are reported to make an annual salary of $51,617. Regardless of their place on the Salary.com bell curse, massage therapists are able to make a salary whose minimum is more than double the minimum wage. In fact, the average massage therapist makes three-times more than minimum wage.


The massage therapist job implies working in a comfortable, clean and relaxing environment. The overall experience should be comfortable by default, or else it can come in conflict with the client’s overall experience.

Massage therapists also have the opportunity to use their work to travel. Many massage therapists who graduate from an Arizona massage therapy schools are able to find work on cruise ships as specialized spa staff. Resorts around the world host spas require the work of experienced, knowledgeable, and talented massage therapists for their guests.


Massage therapists are currently in demand across the industry, with an estimated growth of 20% in the next 10 years. An investment in training at Arizona massage therapy schools opens doors to its students to a career that is flexible with a great outlook and a salary to justify the investment.

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