A few things to know about roof repair

Posted by Phineas Gray on December, 2014

Wind and hail damage is one type of home roof repair homeowners should not attempt to take on themselves.

If your home is reasonably young or at least the roof is, wind and hail damage along with poor design are usually at the root of roof problems. Winds do not have to reach gale force to do damage, any wind over 50 to 60 MPH can easily lift the shingles or to dislodge the adhesive from the structure.

Improper design problems pose major problems and only professionals who fully understand the dynamics of a roof can correct these types of problems. By simply repairing the roof and leaving the overall roof design as it is will not correct the problem over the long term, the problem will simply recur the next time there is a heavy wind accompanied by driving rain. Common problems associated with roof design are supports that are too weak to hold the load, inadequate slope to allow all the water to run off into the gutter system, a flat roof that has insufficient drains which allows for pooling water and lack of consideration of the effects of expansion and contraction in the support deck structure.

An older roof can leak simply as a result of aging and normal weathering. Any roof will need some degree of maintenance to keep it in good condition, if the roof is not maintained the materials can deteriorate; any kind of damage or deterioration course leads to leaks. Those people who live in areas which are prone to wind and hail damage or live in an area where there is a high level of air pollutants or homes located by the ocean will find that the roof on their house will deteriorate faster.

Regardless of what caused the damage the repair process is similar. The first thing the professional roofer will do is remove the damaged shingles, once the shingles have been removed it is possible to see the roof deck, only then can it be determined if there is any damage to the decking as well. If the roofing felt that typically covers the deck has not been damaged it is a reasonably straight forward job to replace the shingles. If the felt is also damaged it will have to be replaced as well.

Knowing that age, high wind, inclement weather as well as air pollution can all have a detrimental effect on the roof of your home don’t wait until it is too late to have work done; annual inspection and maintenance is one good way of ensuring the integrity of your roof.

If you live in an area which is prone to storms then you will be well aware of what wind and hail damage can do to the roof on your house. If you suffer damage of any nature you are invited to contact StormForce of Jacksonville for professional repair.