Plastisol Transfers – The Bolder Alternative

Posted by Phineas Gray on December, 2014

Plastisol Transfers have many advantages over other types of transfers. The chemical composition of this liquid allows it to sit for long periods of time without drying from oxygen exposure. It does not need to be washed, but it does need to be cured at 350 degrees either in a flash dryer or home oven.

Amazing Things about Plastisol Transfers

There are many unique properties about plastisol transfers that make them different from traditional transfer inks. Plastisol transfers are a suspension liquid made up of PVC and a plasticizer. The compound is not water soluble, so it is able to last for years, as a result. Another property that makes plastisol transfers different is the fact that the compound sits on top of the fabrics of the textiles it is being placed upon. Most other inks soak into threads.

Optimal Conditions for Plastisol Transfers

It is recommended that plastisol transfers be utilized for colored fabrics because of the dense texture and vibrant coloration it provides. This allows for years of quality wear if clothing is taken care of properly. This material works especially well on dark colors because it is able to provide a good balance and/or contrast with the garment. The texture of the transfers themselves is soft, but they are raised, so they are ultimately not as soft as some transfers that soak into the fabric. Nonetheless, plastisol transfers are the most beautiful and durable choice on the market today. They are also the most cost-effective choice. The reason for this is they do not require the amount of labor involved with traditional silkscreen practices. You can get a large project or small project done for less cost and have an end product you can be proud of that will last for years to come.

Handling Instructions

These t-shirts can last for years. A few simple things to remember to get maximum use out of your garments are to wash in cold water because your clothes will hold their color longer that way. Turn your t-shirts inside out to wash. Your transfers will adhere either way; it’s just easier on the edges if you turn your clothes inside out. Finally, drying in the dryer actually helps maintain the transfer’s integrity. It is a heat transfer. It likes heat. So don’t be afraid to throw those t-shirts in the dryer.

Your t-shirts can last a lifetime with proper care. Every time you look at them, you can remember your special times with your family and friends. No matter what kind of events, reunions, sports, or whatever you come up with, t-shirts are a great way to capture the moments.

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