Chlorine and Pool Shock Free with Ionization Systems

Posted by Phineas Gray on December, 2014

The majority of people perform maintenance on their swimming pools with the traditional chlorine shock treatments. Most of us are aware that chlorine can be dangerous in high doses, but few stop to think about the effects which smaller amounts have upon the skin, hair and mucous membranes of the eyes and nostrils. There are alternatives available which cut down on the need for so much chlorine. Swimming pool ionization systems offer a superior method of maintaining swimming pool water because the ingredients and processes used are less damaging to the skin and other parts of the body

How a swimming pool ionization system works

This method of shock treatment cleans the water through the use of silver and copper ions instead of chemicals. The pool ionizer makes use of a low voltage current which discharges the copper and silver ions into the water of the pool. These negatively charged ions bond to viruses, bacteria and algae, killing them. They penetrate the cell walls of these microorganisms and as a part of the process they increase in size and become large enough to be filtered through the filtration system of the swimming pool.

Benefits of ionizing the swimming pool

This process is safer than regular chlorine or shock treatments. You may notice the water in the pool will take on a white appearance, but this is no cause for alarm. The ionizer is doing its job by sanitizing the water until it is sparkling clear as it should be.

No more red and irritated eyes or skin. It also puts an end to the bleaching of hair. There is no hazard for swimmers left in the pool after ionization and this means you can enjoy the water much faster than with traditional shock treatments.

The ionization process also saves money which would otherwise be spent on costly pool chemicals. You get all of the benefits of algae and other organism control, reduced requirements if any, for chlorine, fewer treatments needed and fewer issues achieving the proper pH balance.

You also enjoy the benefits of knowing your family and friends are swimming in clear and clean water which is safer than heavily salted or chlorinated pools.

The ionization method of sanitizing and maintaining swimming pools is safer, faster and less expensive than the regular chlorine shock treatments. Say goodbye to heavy chemicals which can irritate your skin and cause discomfort. For more information about pool ionization systems contact

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