Planning A Special And Unique Burial Service

Posted by Daniel lawrence on July, 2016

The death of a loved one can be stressful. Family members are expected to plan a funeral while they are emotional. That is why many funeral homes make the process easier. They offer package arrangements to handle everything. First, there is a choice between cremation, a celebration of life or a traditional funeral. Celebration of life services are a little different from a traditional service. Instead, a ceremony is created to remember the deceased’s life. The ceremony usually includes remarks by friends and family members. In addition, the funeral home may play the deceased’s favorite music. Likewise, family photographs and videos can be displayed.

Families are also able to have a special meal at Evergreen Washelli. Make the meal part of the ceremony by serving the deceased’s favorite foods. Packages are available if the family prefers a traditional Burial Service. Many funeral home employees do a good job of personalizing the service. One of the desirable features of the package is doing everything in one place. Modern funeral homes have chapels for the funeral service. Further, they have banquet rooms that are used for the family repast. Other package offerings include:

      *      a burial plot

      *      family cars

      *      video tribute

      *      minister for the service

Indeed, many funeral homes own cemeteries. This way, the family does not have to look for a burial site. Other offerings include a guest-book for friends and family. The books are custom-designed to memorialize the loved one’s life. Additionally, the service can also be recorded. People who live far away may not be able to make the service. Therefore, the funeral is videotaped and sent via-email. Later, family members can watch the service at home. The “last ride” is also a popular feature. The funeral procession can utilize a special route that is special for the family. On the other hand, a special vehicle can be part of the procession. Imagine the sight of using horses and a carriage rather than a hearse. Also, the casket can be a special part of the Burial Service. Make the casket unique by adding a special medallion or corner design. The last rites should reflect the life and memory of the deceased. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!