How To Choose Gravestones For Your Loved Ones

by | Jun 5, 2017 | Funeral

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For a grieving family, one of the most difficult decisions is choosing what marker will be used as a fitting tribute to the deceased.  Gravestones come in a range of shapes, styles, materials, and sizes. The marker that is selected is generally chosen based on a set of deeply personal decisions and preferences.

Choosing the Best Gravestone

When choosing a gravestone for a deceased family member, those left behind might opt for a headstone that fits within their budget. For other families, however, cost may be little or no barrier, and therefore, the options open to them may vary widely.  In most situations, family members will seek guidance from their funeral provider on an appropriate size for the marker, which is particularly important when determining if it will come in the form of a plaque to signify a cremation plot, or a large headstone which is designed to rest at the head of a coffin burial.

Furthermore, family members will need to think about the materials that they would prefer to be used to construct the marker. Many gravestones are made of marble, sandstone, and other materials. Prices of headstones can vary based on the material and size of the headstone chosen.

Finally, family members will need to consider what the gravestone will say.  These words can, at times, be difficult to formulate, and a funeral provider is a sound source of advice when it comes to identifying what should be written on a headstone. During this process, it is vitally important that all family members agree on the inscription and the style of the marker. There are typically many gravestones from which to choose.

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