Pet Vaccinations Are Necessary When Boarding Pets

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on July, 2017

If you are planning on going on vacation, you may not have the latitude to take your dog with you on your travels. If so, you should consider boarding your pet at a quality boarding facility. By setting up boarding for your pet, you can ensure its safety and comfort. Plus, your pet will love the extra care it receives. You might call a boarding facility a vacation for your pet.

Meeting the Age Requirements

However, before you place your pet in a boarding site such as Animal Ark Pet Resort, you must make sure it meets with certain guidelines. For example, before you can board a pet, he or she must be at least three months old. You typically cannot board a puppy that is younger than three months of age at a facility.

Nightly Charges

In addition, pet vaccinations must be up-to-date for the safety of the staff and the other animals. A pet must have at least three shots before it can be admitted for boarding. When you place your pet at a pet resort, you are assessed a nightly charge as well. Overall, you must pay for your animal’s boarding and care like you would do at a hotel. Normally, the check-out time is 2:00pm each day. If your pet is picked up after the 2:00pm deadline, you will be charged for another night.

Check-In Times

You can check in a pet from the opening time in the morning to closing time in the evening. When you check your pet into a facility, again, you need to make sure you can show proof of pet vaccinations by your veterinarian. Only vet-administered vaccinations are accepted.

Watering and Feeding

You can rest assured about your animal’s safety and nutrition as disposable food bowls are used as well as stainless steel water bowls. The water bowls are filled a number of times throughout the day. You can bring special foods or treats to meet your pet’s dietary requirements if you prefer.

A pet vacation at a pet resort will ensure your pet receives the best of care while you are on vacation. Both of you will feel better after taking this type of break. You can also connect them on Facebook.