Flexible Options for GMC Cargo Vans

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Van Rental

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Cargo vans are ideal for small moves, transporting marketing booths to trade shows, or getting tables and chairs to an outdoor community event. They come in handy for many occasions, but are not always needed on a regular basis. In those cases, renting GMC cargo vans is the perfect solution.

Different Sizes

Renting allows customers to select the right size for their needs. Cargo vans come in a variety of sizes so renters can reserve just the size they need or want. Costs are lower for smaller vans, so renting is affordable. Vans can be rented daily, weekly, or monthly with generous mileage allowances.

Saving Money

Depending on the rental company, vans can be dropped off at any time in the day or night. Most companies do not allow drop-offs after business hours. There are times when people have to pay for an extra day because they need the GMC cargo vans past six in the evening. Being able to drop off vans at midnight will save money.

Cost-effective optional collision insurance is also available. Extra protection in case of the unexpected will provide peace of mind and eliminate worrying about parking the van or traveling along busy city streets. Saving time is easy as well because required forms can be printed and filled out to make picking up the reserved vehicle fast and efficient. Simply go to Ccrentalnyc.com, print the applicable forms, and bring them the day of rental.

Other Options

In addition to cargo vans, many other vehicles can be rented. Passenger cars, SUVs, mini vans, and fifteen passenger vans are available. Trucks include transit vans, fourteen foot trucks with eight a ramp or lift, and twenty foot trucks with a lift. The collection of options means any need or preference can be accommodated.

There is no need to make several trips back and forth with a small car. Rent a larger vehicle and get the job done in one trip. Location shoots around the city are faster and easier to get when all required equipment can be transported at once. Renting to suit occasional needs opens up opportunities for organizations, small businesses, and freelance professionals. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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