Organize Your Academic Life in Your University of Florida Student Apartment

by | Feb 13, 2024 | Student Housing Center

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Whether you are attending classes on campus or taking online courses in your student apartments near the University of Florida, you need to ensure you can access your notes, important dates, and other materials as needed. The best way to approach multiple classes is to ensure your academic life is organized.

Fill Out a Calendar

One way to stay organized is to invest in a traditional hanging or desk calendar. Use this calendar to keep track of deadlines, exams, and other events or appointments. You can even color-code various events for quickly scanning the calendar.

Use a Planner App

A mobile calendar allows you to glance at and add upcoming events while on the go. You can find a range of free, high-quality planner apps such as Upbase, Notion, and Google Calendar.

Divide Your Subjects

If you are taking more than one class, divide your subjects just as you did in high school. This could be as simple as a binder with dividers, multi-subject spiral notebooks, or even one notebook per class.

Explore Note-Taking Strategies

Taking notes is a huge part of college, so you want to find the right note-taking strategy. You may need to copy as much of the lecture as possible, or maybe you can get by on abbreviations and short sentences. Other options include using charts, boxes, or color-coding with highlighters.

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