Living Arrangement Options: Balancing Professional and College Student Life

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Student Housing Center

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You are at a point where it is time to think about the bigger picture like earning your degree to jumpstart your dream career. For years, you have been working for a company that does not value you and have been denied a promotion once again. You are now taking full control of your professional life by enrolling for classes at the prestigious University of Oklahoma. But, where will you live when you start classes next semester? What are your options?

Choosing a Living Arrangement: Factors to Consider

You have grown accustomed to living comfortably with a friend or your parents but realize that the drive to and from school will take a toll on you both physically and mentally. For this reason, you have decided that moving near the school will be necessary to help you focus on achieving your goals. But, should you live on campus or rent an apartment off-campus? There are many factors to consider including location, costs, and whether or not you are willing to sacrifice your privacy when choosing an ideal living arrangement. So, here is some advice. You should consider renting an apartment off-campus, and here’s why.

Ample Space to Ensure Privacy

Moving into the school’s dormitory might have crossed your mind to save on costs. But, if you think about it, you will likely be staying in a cramped room with a less-than-ideal stranger who may not share your interests or goals. Living off-campus, on the other hand, will help you gain access to spacious floorplans with the option to choose your roommate or be matched to a like-minded individual who will understand and share the same goals as you.

Fully Furnished Rentals and Student-Focused Amenities

Perhaps the idea of living off-campus is starting to sound like a great idea. You are now searching for the top student apartments in Norman, OK near campus. You should live at Alight 12th Ave. Just minutes away from school, they offer two and three-bedroom furnished floorplans that include internet, per-person contracts, and roommate matching services. Residents are provided with amenities like a resort-style pool, fitness center, private shuttle bus to campus, and much more. Visit to reserve your preferred placement at one of the best student apartments in Norman, OK right away.

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