Only Pure Water is Used to Make Each Ice Block in Suffolk County, NY

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on July, 2019

Ice is a very important commodity when entertaining a large number of guests in private homes, event centers, or hotels. Ice sculptures bring an exceptional amount of class to parties whether they’re political events, wedding receptions, or birthday and anniversary parties. A large block of ice can cost at least $600, but it’s well worth it to those hosting the get-together and to the guests. There are many different designs that people want, especially if they’re working with a certain party theme. Some may want a dolphin while another wants a bride and groom. It takes skill to create the perfect ice sculpture.

Finding the Best Ice

Ice sculptures can be formed by people using chain saws or by filling a special mold with water and allowing it to freeze. Individuals may also want to purchase ice to create dolphins, clams, swans, and seashells for their event. If the sculpture is going to be created by a professional, they can order an ice block in Suffolk County, NY from Business Name. The company supplies every kind of ice, from bags of ice cubes to large blocks of ice.

Hotels, Restaurants, and Events

Hotels, restaurants, and hospitals can’t make enough ice cubes themselves to satisfy their daily needs. Even street vendors need large amounts of ice for their customer’s soft drinks and blocks of ice to maintain their food’s freshness. Ice can be purchased in bags from 5 pounds to 40 pounds. Blocks of ice are available from 25 pounds to 300 pounds. One very important thing to note when ordering an ice block in Suffolk County, NY is the fact that it’s going to be made out of the purest water. The ice will be crystal clear and not cloudy.

Ice is Fun in the Summer

Ice is so refreshing in iced tea or when drinking a soft drink along with a New York hot dog. Many years ago, people used an icebox instead of a refrigerator. The delivery man would bring enough ice to last until the next delivery day. Times have certainly changed since then. Today, ice companies such as the one mentioned above have two million pounds of beautiful, clear ice stored away for their customer’s summer use.