4 Questions to Ask Your Suffolk County, NY, Bagged Ice Delivery Service

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on April, 2020

Bagged ice is convenient, especially for keeping substantial amounts of food and drink cold at gatherings or sporting events. If you want to offer it as a choice at your retail store, you should be certain to find the right bagged ice delivery in Suffolk County, NY. Asking a few basic questions of potential suppliers can help.

1. What Safety Standards Do You Adhere To?

Ice is considered a food product, even if the end consumer is only going to put it in their cooler. As such, it must adhere to all National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) regulations. Facilities are subject to inspection by NSF staff as well as the Department of Agriculture. Be sure to ask about recent inspections and certifications.

2. What Sizes of Bagged Ice Do You Offer?

You may want to get several varied sizes of bagged ice to offer. Small five-pound bags are convenient for adding to drinks, while larger ones might be more economical for filling coolers. Check what size bags manufacturers produce.

3. How Often Do You Deliver?

Because ice needs to be kept cold during transport, you want an ice supplier that will deliver their product to your business. This ensures it arrives in a condition that is suitable for use and resale. Ask about setting up a delivery schedule.

4. Why Should I Buy Bagged Ice Instead of Making My Own?

If you choose to make ice for sale you will have to adhere to all the applicable food safety regulations. This could cause extra work and require you to make modifications to your current facilities.

If you are looking for reliable bagged ice delivery in Suffolk County, NY, contact Long Island Ice and Fuel. They can help you find the right size and quantity of high-quality bagged ice for your business and set up a delivery schedule that fits your needs.

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