Old Technology Could Damage Your Business

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on July, 2017

Did you know that any information left on an old hard drive of a computer that doesn’t even function can still damage your business? It doesn’t matter if you’ve erased, reformatted, wiped clean or degaussed the drives, you, your clients, and your customers are still not safe. You need to have old hard drives properly disposed of which includes using services that use a hard drive shredder. You should consider having hard drives disposed of that are still in obsolete computers, unused flash drives, retired servers and in photocopiers.

Asset Shredding Is a Valuable Service

You can choose from on-site or off-site services to have old hard drives, data storage devices as well as electronic media shredded so they can be rendered fully inaccessible and unusable. This is the best way to protect your business. When you consider that what happens to old technology could either make or break your business it’s a wise choice to invest in shredding services from the professionals.

Fully Protect Your Business

It’s not widely understood that when a hard drive is no longer functioning, it still stores company information. A lot of times business believe that that information cannot possibly be accessed or used. That’s not the case. In order to fully protect your business, you need to use hard drive destruction services to make sure that highly sensitive and confidential data remains uncompromised. The type of data you want to be able to protect includes emails, budgetary numbers, customer, client and employee information, internal documents and invoices. It is essential to realize that erasing data just is not enough. Secure hard drive destruction services are recommended so your old data can be properly destroyed with professional destruction services. In order to remain protected, you need to contact the hard drive destruction specialist and schedule their services as soon as possible.

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