Oakdale, New York, J&H Tackle Handles the Remarkable Saltist Spinning Reel

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on August, 2019

Experienced saltwater fishing enthusiasts will tell you their sport is hard on fishing equipment. That’s because saltwater is more corrosive than freshwater. Also, the fish you go after are bigger, tougher, and marvelous fighters. That’s what makes it fun! Bringing the best equipment to the game is a key factor. Saltwater anglers opt for reels that can withstand harsh conditions while delivering superior performance. They also want rigs that last, so they don’t have to frequently buy new reels.

Top-Line Reels for Saltwater Fishing

There is a brand of fishing reel that takes its name from its superior performance in saltwater conditions. It’s Saltist. A Saltist spinning reel is a go-to brand for anglers that love their equipment and who live to fish the briny seas. The Saltist spinning reel is constructed with an array of advanced features designed to withstand the elements. It is fitted with corrosion-resistant ball bearing that last 12 times longer than conventional steel ball bearings.

High-Tech Makes Saltist Different

The Saltist is also imbued with a remarkable substance called magnetic oil. This is a cutting-edge substance called a “nano lubricant” originally developed by NASA. Magnetic oil has the ability to change density and shape when exposed to a magnet field. In the Saltist reel, it forms a membrane that is extremely effective in preventing water penetration. While it’s tougher and more robust, the Saltist spinning reel is lighter thanks to its patented air rotor. It weighs 15% than standard designs. It’s still stronger than other rotors, however, because it distributes weight more evenly throughout the rotor’s structure.

Where to Buy Saltist Reels

Another key feature is the ABS air spool. It has a maximized core diameter with a reversed taper. That allows for 100% useable line. It eliminates embedded “dead” line. An excellent source for a Daiwa Saltist reel is J&H Tackle, located at a brick-and-mortar location in Oakdale, New York. But you might also want to check the J&H website at Website.