A Person Who Has Been Seriously Injured May Need an Auto Accident Attorney in Silverdale

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Accident Attorney

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Everyone hopes they will never be in a situation where they seek assistance from an Auto Accident Attorney in Silverdale. Typically, a person who consults this kind of lawyer has been seriously injured through the carelessness or recklessness of another driver. Substantial expenses are connected with the accident, and the insurance company may be uncooperative.

Attorney Fees

Hiring an auto accident attorney in Silverdale allows the person to rest easier, knowing that the lawyer will handle all the negotiations with the insurer and make sure a fair settlement is paid. This kind of lawyer usually does not charge any fees until after the insurer’s check is received. The amount of the fee is a percentage of the settlement that is agreed upon by the client and the lawyer before any work is begun.

Types of Cases

An attorney with an organization such as the Law Offices of Anthony C. Otto handles many types of cases involving vehicle accidents. In some instances, for example, the insurance company is willing to pay the maximum of the at-fault driver’s policy, but that maximum is too low to cover all the person’s expenses. If that driver owns real estate or other substantial assets, the lawyer may file suit against the individual to collect the rest.

The insurer may be disputing the case because of something the injured driver had been doing at the time of the accident. The adjusters may refuse to pay if the driver had been traveling faster than the speed limit, for example, even if police officers and investigators have verified that the other driver was at fault. Not wearing a safety belt might also undermine the case because it could lead to worse injuries.

Depending on a Lawyer

The time after a serious car accident can be stressful and confusing. The injured person may have to spend time in the hospital and may need at least one surgery. Trying to manage negotiations with someone else’s insurance company feels overwhelming. Being able to depend on an accident lawyer makes an enormous positive difference. Anyone needing this type of assistance can schedule a consultation at their earliest convenience.

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