Make Your Super Bowl Party Great with Great Food

by | Jan 12, 2017 | Hotels & Restaurants

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When you think of the Super Bowl what comes to your mind? Probably football, big TVs, and good food with beer and friends, but what foods should you serve this year for your Super Bowl party?

The Classics

Let’s go ahead and start with the basics. These are the foods that no Super Bowl party would be complete without. The first thing you are going to need is chips and dip. You can also either include or sub in nachos and salsa to add a bit of pregame heat.

Once the game starts you are going to need a few more things. The most important, to some fans at least, is beer, but this one speaks for itself. Be sure you grab a couple of pizzas for the main course, but whatever you do, don’t forget the wings. What Super Bowl party would be complete without a tray of hot wings? Be sure to get some good ones for your party. There are several places that will deliver your wings in Cary, NC, so just be sure to order enough.


These are a few foods that may not make it in to every Super Bowl party, usually because they are more work to make than some of the traditional foods. These options may take more time and effort to make, but they are well worth the extra effort if you want to make sure your party is the best on the street.

Jalapeno poppers are a great game day food, they are spicy and cheesy at the same time, how can you go wrong? These are relatively easy to make if you have a deep fryer, but you can also bake them. To make things even easier, order them!

This is far from an exhaustive list, but it should give you a few ideas for this year’s party.

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