Lumineers For A Beautiful Smile

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Dental Health

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For many years cosmetic dentists have used veneers to cover damage to teeth. Teeth take a terrible beating, over time they will become stained, the edges can be chipped and slight surface imperfections will appear in the enamel.

Although conventional veneers are quite thin, they are not thin enough to eliminate the need to prepare the tooth surface by grinding some away to accept the veneers. A typical porcelain veneer is about the thickness of a credit card; about one mm.

Dental Lumineers in New York are veneers as well, the big difference is they are extremely thin, about 0.2mm and there is no need to remove any tooth material when they are fitted. Both traditional veneers and Lumineers are translucent and once fitted, mimic the appearance of healthy teeth.

Benefits of Lumineers:

Not everyone is a good candidate for traditional veneers as their teeth are not conducive to being ground down. As Lumineers are extremely thin there is no need for any preliminary prep work, they fit directly onto your teeth as is.

  • Lumineers are faster; instead of two or three appointments to prepare your teeth, take molds, have custom veneers fabricated and then fitted, Lumineers are done in one appointment.
  • There is no discomfort or pain when Lumineers are fitted, there is no need for a local anesthetic or pain relievers
  • Treatment is reversible: Obviously, when your teeth are ground down, they cannot be put back to what they once were. If for any reason you have to remove your Lumineers, your original teeth are still intact.

Even if your teeth are slightly misaligned, dental Lumineers in New York can help. Rather than wear braces to correct a slight anomaly, Lumineers will make your teeth appear more uniform. They can close gaps between your teeth as well as cover chips, cracks and wear.

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