Keeping your spine strong and healthy

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on November, 2016

Your spine is an intricate part of your body – and if your spine isn’t healthy and strong, then you won’t feel healthy and strong. While the Jacksonville Spine Center can help you with medication, pain relief and physical therapy, the best solution for back pain is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Here are just a few ways you can keep your spine healthy and strong throughout your lifetime:

  • Exercise: Make exercise a regular part of your healthy lifestyle. Even walking will help keep your spine strong and flexible. Don’t slouch when you walk – keep your spine straight and aligned with your body.
  • Practice good posture: We are notorious for slouching when we sit. Be mindful of your sitting positions and choose a chair with a firm back. Don’t sit with your spine rounded or with a space between the back of the chair and the base of your spine. This will cause you to have a humped back later in life.
  • Calcium: You need calcium to keep all of your bones healthy, and your spine is no exception. A daily dose of calcium can be found in dairy products, or you can take them in supplement form.
  • Bend at the knees: When you lift a heavy object, bend with your knees and use them to do most of the lifting for you. Don’t round your back while keeping your legs straight. This is the primary cause of most people’s chronic back pain. Never try to lift anything that you know is too heavy for you.
  • Sleep on a good quality mattress (and pillow): Your mattress should be firm but still support your body. A mattress that’s too soft can cause your spine to curve, and this could cause chronic pain over time. Your pillow, too, should be one that suits your body and doesn’t cause neck strain.
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