Learn More About American Jazz And Its Singers

Posted by Phineas Gray on February, 2015

Most people are unfamiliar about where jazz comes from though they understand that it is a wonderful music genre. It would surprise most people to know that it is an American art form that started and evolved from the United States. Though the music had been performed for many decades before, in 1987, Congress stated that this genre of music was an American treasure.


This type of music, and the singers who accompany it are everywhere. While you may or may not enjoy the music itself, it is an ingrained part of your style and attitude. You may even have heard music and not realized that it was jazzy in nature because it has evolved so much.

In most cases, those living in the large cities, such as New York and California are more likely to hear the music as they walk down the street. Many musicians just play in subway stations and on the sidewalk, during good or inclement weather. This is mainly because people in these areas are used to hearing this type of music and enjoy doing so. While it would be difficult to walk down any street in the Midwest and hear jazzy music or singers in the streets, it isn’t so hard to find them in bigger cities on the coasts.

The music is also found in classrooms, from elementary to college. People want to study and learn about the culture of the music to find out more about themselves and the arts. Many times, you will also hear the music in television commercials, shows and films, along with on the radio, on CD and vinyl records.


The music genre of jazz has inspired more Americans than any other type of music, whether it is praise or controversial in nature. While most people have forgotten the intricacies of the African American hardship, this music was intimately linked with the messages that minorities wanted to share.

While the actual Jazz Age was back in the 1920s, it has always seemed to symbolize the struggle between traditionalists and modernists. Even now, more and more people are turning to this music, whether as a performer or listener to broaden their minds and ears to something that is very symbolic and needed.

Of course, there are many versions of the music genre, just as there are versions of everything. Classic and swing are the two most popular, even now. After World War Two, the American’s tastes changed and logistics of making the music also changed.

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