Is There An Effective Hypochondriac Treatment?

When family members and friends are dealing with a person that has hypochondria, finding an effective hypochondriac treatment in El Paso, Texas will be an important first step in treating this condition.

As with any type of mental health disorder often the individual that has hypochondria will be unaware of the stress and frustration that the rest of the family may be experiencing. This can cause many complications for the family and in increased risk of isolation for the individual, creating a situation where they are even less likely to get the help that they need.

When to Seek Hypochondriac Treatment in El Paso, Texas
There are several factors to consider when determining if a loved one or friend may be a candidate for hypochondriac treatment. If you have concerns and see one or more of the signs of this condition seeking help from a qualified mental health professional that can complete an evaluation is essential.

The most common signs or issues seen with people that do have an obsession with their health that is unreasonable and exaggerated include:

• Extreme fear of having a serious or life threatening condition when symptoms are not present
• Exaggerating even the smallest health issue and assuming it is a symptom of a much more serious health condition
• Changing doctors constantly or seeing multiple doctors for the same issues
• Constantly monitoring the body including performing self-health checks that are not required
• Obsessive online searching of symptoms and discussion of personal health issues overwhelms the conversation
• Seeming to develop health issues similar to those that others are experiencing

Hypochondriac Treatment Options in El Paso, Texas
People that require hypochondriac treatment in El Paso, Texas will typically undergo counseling as their only form of treatment. CBT or cognitive behavior therapy is the most commonly used treatment method as it allows the therapist and the patient to discover the deep thoughts and issues that are driving the obsession with health.

In a safe environment the patient is able to assess these thoughts and recognize the misperceptions, allowing them to choose more appropriate behaviors and reducing their stress and anxiety about health and death.

In some cases during hypochondriac treatment in El Paso, Texas antidepressant medications may be prescribed. There are several different classes of drugs that can be used and their choice will be based on their assessment of the individual patient’s needs.