Hiring A Service To Do Mosquito Extermination in Jackson NJ

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2018

When a homeowner finds that their backyard is full of mosquitoes throughout the warmer months of the year, it is likely they will want them eliminated. It is difficult to enjoy time outdoors when these pests are present. Hiring a service to do Mosquito Extermination in Jackson NJ is the best way to get property back into usable condition. After mosquitoes are eradicated, try the following steps to keep them from returning.

Eliminate Water From The Property

Mosquitoes tend to stick around areas where there is a water supply to use for breeding purposes. If stagnant water is present on a property, it is likely mosquito numbers will rise. Drain kiddie pools, cover bird baths and fountains, and swap out water in a pet’s bowl regularly, so water does not stand for an extended amount of time.

Tend To The Lawn On A Routine Basis

The foliage present on the property can attract mosquitoes if landscaping steps are not done. It is best to take care of mowing the lawn as well as trimming back tree limbs and clipping shrubs. Mosquitoes are attracted to shady areas, making sunlight beneficial for those who do not wish to deal with these pests.

Use Deterrents To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Citronella candles or tiki torches will keep mosquitoes from wanting to get too close to the scent emitted from them. Burning citronella products when people are expected to spend time outdoors can aid in keeping pests from becoming nuisances. These products can be kept on-hand to light an hour or so before the yard will be utilized to ensure it is mosquito-free.

Hire A Pest Control Service To Help

A pest control service will not only be able to remove mosquitoes from a property but will also be able to make recommendations regarding changes that can be made to the land to keep them away for good. A yearly check of the property will ensure pests do not become regular problems.

When there is a desire to hire a service that does Mosquito Extermination in Jackson NJ, finding one known for their competitive pricing is usually desired. Contact us to find out more today.

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