Keeping Cool with Air Conditioning Repair in Duluth

by | Jul 20, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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With only a month way before the summer heat is in full swing, it’s time to make sure your air conditioning units are up and running. While you may think your AC units are running without any issues, it may be time for a routine check-up. Don’t be afraid to consider a repair consultation when your unit appears to be fully functional. Sometimes small defects or minor malfunctions are completely hidden from owners until it’s too late. It’s very possible your unit could be producing suboptimal results even though there are no external indications. Therein lies the importance of a comprehensive check-up. Here are a few ways to determine whether you’re truly in need of air conditioning repair in Duluth.

Monitor Your Temperatures

One of the easiest indicators of a faulty unit is the trusty thermostat. For the unaware, a thermostat is the direct control pad where a homeowner can adjust the temperature with the simple click of a button. Most thermostats feature a digital reader, but older analog models are also common. Thermostats can be set to automatically turn on, or they can be manually controlled by a user to set a specific temperature. Because the thermostat will provide the precise temperature selected by the user, any unintended change in the thermostat’s temperature is a clear indicator that the unit is likely faulty. Both analog and digital models alike fall victim to faulty air conditioning units. Constant warm air, when you select a colder temperature, is a major red flag that the unit likely has some sort of underlying issue.

While sometimes the unit’s air ducts can freeze over and cause blockages, stubbornly changing temperatures should still be a cause of concern. If you suspect the unit may be blocked by ice, do not use the unit and allow the blockage it correct itself. If the temperatures refuse to change or rapidly change in unintended directions even after a few days of inactivity, it’s time to schedule an appointment for air conditioning repair.

Schedule Regular Check-Ups

As a homeowner in a warm climate, air conditioning repair is absolutely vital to ensure your home is comfortable and safe. Hot internal temperatures can lead to heat exhaustion, dehydration and general discomfort, but such issues can be avoided by simply scheduling regular check-ups.

Technicians can easily investigate units externally as well as internally to provide a full picture of the status of your air conditioning unit. Technicians often act diagnostically when conducting their only analyses. This means they will only conduct repairs if it’s necessary. While some unreliable technicians perform unnecessary repairs to deceive customers, most reputable repair consultants will only do the job if it absolutely has to be done. Always be sure to ask for a written copy of their maintenance report just to have an authorized copy of the air conditioning repair inspection.

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