If You Want To Sell Coins In Chicago; Are They Investment Grade Collectables; Or, Simply Nice To Look At?

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Shopping

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Surprisingly, not all round pieces of metal with designs on their faces have once served as currency; many may have done; but, some may have been produced as commemorative medallions or gifts of some sort or another. Plus, not all pieces of currency are circular and not all of them were (or are) considered as legal tender.

Some Might Be Extremely Valuable; Others Might Be Worthless

I suppose that the true collector is simply in love with the look, feel or history of the items being collected and should not be too concerned over their value since there is no intention to sell them. However, we are only human; which means that the thought “I wonder what these are worth” is more than likely to creep into any collector’s mind from time to time.

But, They Are Associated With Money

Because of this association, it is hard to keep value out of the reason for starting a coin collection. The person who puts all their small change into a jar at the end of each day is not thinking about tipping out the jar one day simply to view the collection. All that will be in their mind is that, one day, they can take the whole lot to a bank and exchange it for spendable dollar bills.

At the totally opposing end of this is the bullion coin. This is where governments take precious metal – usually gold, silver or platinum and turn it into designed discs of strictly monitored, controlled and certified weight and purity which can then be offered to the public as an investment vehicle that is both easy to buy and easy to convert back into money at a variable but always known rate which is often at a premium over the base price of the actual metal.

Our Gold Eagle, American Buffalo and Double Eagle are examples of bullion along with the likes of the South African Krugerrand, the British Sovereign, or, the Canadian Maple Leaf. These, along with many others, will find ready buyers all over the world.

Non-Paper Money

Whether it is still legal tender (somewhere in the world) or has been demonetarized this will attract both the altruistic collector and the investor alike. The attraction may lie in the design, historical significance, rarity, inherent metal value or a number of other factors; but a definite market exists for both the sale and purchase of them. This is well demonstrated by the likes of the Chicago Gold Gallery who will give a fair price to anybody wanting to Sell Coins In Chicago. Visit our website for more information.

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