Are You Protected From Unexpected Chills During A Chicago Winter?

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

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In these days of central heating; we more or less believe that it is our right to be comfortably warm when we are indoors in any type of building for any purpose. We are very quick to notice if it is either too hot or too cold in whatever room we happen to enter; but, not so many of us give all that much thought to how a “perfect” temperature is maintained.

A blazing log fire in an open hearth may be very pretty to look at; but, its thermal effects are not really under control. People right up close to it may well feel too hot; whereas those in a far corner of the room may feel no affect whatsoever (and might even be complaining of a cold draft). Much the same applies to those old fashioned space heaters such as the pot bellied stove.

Centralize For Better Control

There are arguments and concerns over our current reliance on fossilized fuels for so many things that we consider essential to our daily lives; but, until something better comes along; most of us are going to burn fuel to keep our bodies comfortably warm in winter. Coal was once a fuel of choice; then came oil; but, at our current state of development, natural gas or produced propane have become the most widely used. However, you do not simply set fire to it and then keep warm.

You burn your fuel to heat up air which you can then circulate to wherever it is that you need it. The burning will be carried out in a furnace and blowers will be used to send the hot air through ducts hidden within the walls or floors of the building. These ducts will lead to a chosen number of outlet grills located throughout the building so that the hot air can pass into those places. Thermostats can be used to control the amount of heat put into the system and grills can be closed whenever any particular area does not need additional heat. This is the basics of central heating although the reality is somewhat more complicated and requires a specialized breed of HVAC engineers to set it up and maintain it in good running order.

Two things will happen if this system is not operating efficiently; you will burn more fuel and produce less heat. Should this happen to you; your will need to call in HVAC specialists like those at Heatmasters Heating & Cooling and have them carry out fully effective central Heating Repair In Chicago.

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