Hurt Due To Another’s Negligence? Talk To A Personal Injury Attorney In Gig Harbor Today

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2017

When most think of a needing a Personal Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor, they automatically think of a car accident injury. While that is one common reason that someone may need to consult with a personal injury lawyer, there are plenty of other reasons that an attorney may be necessary. It could be a slip and fall on the grocery store’s wet floor or a stumble on a cracked and uneven city sidewalk. Maybe a new neighbor let their aggressive dog loose, and it came up and took a bite! Any of these reasons could necessitate the need for a Personal Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor for someone hurt or injured due to the negligence of another.

When hurt in an accident, aside from facing an injury, there may be property damages and financial distress. If unable to work, loss of wages can cause financial problems almost immediately. For many, their first response is to try to settle their case quickly to get fast cash and get back on their feet. Usually, the insurance company will push for a quick settlement to minimize their own losses. Though the insurance company adjuster may seem helpful, their job is to save the insurance company money, first and foremost. Turning to an experienced attorney during this time will help while dealing with the confusing legal maze most people find themselves lost in. Attorneys deal with insurance companies on a daily basis, and the insurance companies know this. They know they must “play fair” when working with an attorney.

Though it’s always hopeful that a case will settle for a fair amount prior to the day in court, the insurance company is fully aware if an equitable settlement isn’t reached, the attorney is ready and willing to proceed with a court case. This may give them more incentive for a settlement than dealing with a policyholder who may be intimidated and eager to settle out of court.

If injured in an accident due to the negligence of another, take the time to Meet Anthony Otto. He works hard to protect the best interests of his client, allowing them to concentrate on their recovery while he works to bring a successful resolution to their injury case.

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