Consider Hiring Child Custody Mediation Attorneys in Miamisburg OH

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on June, 2017

During a divorce, parents’ emotions run high, and things are amplified in matters involving the children. Sometimes, these overflowing emotions can cause undue stress on the children, and they can lead to decisions that aren’t in the children’s best interests. However, mediation can keep emotions in line and help parents create custody arrangements that are fair for everyone.

The Mediation Process

In mediation, disputing parties meet with an unbiased third party who helps them settle the matter. A mediator can help parents form a custody agreement, but they cannot force them to agree to anything.

Why Choose Mediation?

During the highly adversarial divorce process, parties often get so hostile that they fail to look out for the children’s best interests. Mediation has several advantages, including:

  • Less stress on everyone
  • Greater flexibility with child custody
  • Less expense and time than taking the case to court
  • More cooperation between opposing sides

A Non-Adversarial Custody Process

One of the main reasons to hire Child Custody Mediation Attorneys in Miamisburg OH is that it makes the process non-adversarial. Parents must work together to create a fair custody arrangement, and because they have a say in the process, things get done with less anger and resentment.

Benefits for the Children

Children can greatly benefit from the mediation process, as they’re not caught in the midst of a custody dispute and forced to choose sides. With mediation, both parents can focus on the children and what suits them best.

Parents Can Benefit as Well

A Child Custody Mediation Attorneys in Miamisburg OH can help parents work toward the future rather than focus on the past. During the mediation process, parents can formulate a workable plan instead of pointing the finger and blaming one another for the breakdown of the marriage.


In the typical adversarial custody proceeding, judges decide cases. However, mediation allows families to enjoy greater flexibility in custody arrangements. Adversarial litigation can be time-consuming and expensive, but hiring a mediation lawyer can save time, frustration and legal fees. For more information, visit the website or call the offices of Business Name today.