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Studies show that the most popular dental crowns considered are ceramic and metal. A dental crown, simply, is a covering placed over a tooth that replaces the old crown. These can be quite expensive in some regions of the world and it all depends on the materials you go with as well. The best option is to visit Robert L. Sansone, DDS to see what your options are.

Firstly, a set of all-ceramic or porcelain crowns are very aesthetically pleasing, and they are considered fairly durable. Their life is on average 5-7 years. During this time, they do not change color and shape, but they are prone to chipping under load. However, for a look that is right, this is the choice for you.

Cermet is the best option for those who prefer a low price and excellent quality. These are composed of a metal base and a ceramic coating. Thus, it is possible to achieve the perfect combination of quality and aesthetics. But today, the market has dental crowns made of zirconium oxide. They are incredibly durable, aesthetically pleasing and practically indestructible.

How to choose a dental crown?

Not to be mistaken with your choice of dental crowns, but you need to prioritize what is more important. Price or quality? Or maybe it’s the perfect look? Try to figure out what Dental crown meets all these requirements. Today, any Cosmetic Dentist offers a choice of several types of dental crowns: metal, ceramic, plastic, or metal-formed from zirconium oxide. The choices and different price ranges will help you choose the right crown for you.

Metal crowns can be immediately set aside, that is if you want to choose a durable option and not return to the dentist in a few years with dental issues. These are created from solid metal and they are not aesthetically pleasing. Plastics often break off from the metal base, and they are subjected to the same color issues from dyes. So that leaves you with three options: ceramic, metal-ceramic and zirconium.

Ceramic crowns are very aesthetic, meaning they look like natural teeth. However, they are very fragile and are only recommended for the restoration of anterior teeth. More expensive ceramics are naturally much stronger. But the price tag of these crowns are unreasonably high. It remains to choose between metal-ceramic and zirconia.

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