How to Protect Yourself at the Gym During Cold Season in Markham

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Health and Medical

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You know that going to the gym can be extremely beneficial to your health. Not only do you have access to a large amount of equipment and fitness classes, but you also get motivation from seeing others pursue their fitness goals. However, during cold and flu season, you do not want to come out feeling worse than when you entered. Below are tips to protect your health during the season most people are likely to get sick.

Clean Your Hands

It would be great if every gym member used sanitizer or wiped their hands after they sneeze or cough, but you know that does not really happen. Although the staff within gyms in Markham On, keep the facility as clean as possible. You still have to protect your own health by washing your hands often and keeping them away from your face. As you use various equipment, use the available spray to wipe after yourself and put sanitizer on your hands before moving on.

Avoid Peak Hours

With a quick call to gyms in Markham On, you can find out what hours are the busiest. Instead of going during those times, pick periods of the day when the least amount of people will be there. Usually, early mornings and late evenings should be slower. Using these times may not be as convenient, but using them is much better than getting sick.

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