Top Tips for Proficient Generator Maintenance in River Forest

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Business

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Generators see more than their fair share of abuse. People who use generators for personal or professional purposes need to do everything they can to ensure this valuable piece of equipment is well-maintained. Below are some useful tips for generator maintenance in River Forest.

Check the Oil

Before using the generator it’s always a good idea to check its oil levels. The biggest mistake a person can make is operating a generator under the assumption that it has enough oil when it doesn’t. Checking the oil before each use protects one’s investment and promises peace of mind.

Keep the Fuel Source Clean

Another no-no that generator owners want to avoid is operating the equipment on dirty fuel. Windy conditions can cause dirt and other debris to get into the fuel compartment and contaminant the fuel. To keep the fuel clean, store the generator’s fuel in an OSHA-approved receptacle.

Check for Leaks

After each use, the generator should be wiped down and cleaned. When doing this, operators of generator maintenance in River Forest should inspect the generator for any signs of leakage. If leaks are prevalent, have the generator serviced before using it again.

Tighten Loose Parts

Never operate a generator that has loose parts. Generators vibrate when in use and parts can come loose, which is why it’s important to check the equipment for loose connections and tighten them before turning the generator on.

For more care tips to keep generators running or to schedule professional generator maintenance in River Forest, contact Penco Electric, Inc., by visiting their website today.

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