How to Prepare for Your 3D Ultrasound

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on January, 2017

You are so excited for your 3D ultrasound video in Charleston, SC that you’re having a hard time containing yourself. The idea of actually getting to see your unborn child is one of the most exciting parts of your pregnancy. Even with all of the excitement you have got to be nervous. Unsure of whether you are going to do something wrong and the ultrasound can’t be done? Read on below for some tips on how to prepare for your ultrasound ahead of time.

Just Relax

If you are incredibly stressed and tense before your 3D ultrasound video in Charleston, SC then your baby could very well feel it and not move around during the ultrasound. Before your appointment, listen to some relaxing music, take a nice warm bath, or simply take a nap. You want to be relaxed so that you can take full advantage of your ultrasound when the time comes.

Wear Clothes that Are Loose

Your appointment can usually last anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes, according to the package you choose, so you want to be comfortable the entire time. Wear clothing that is loose and easy to maneuver in. It will make it easier on you, the baby, and the tech who is doing your 3D ultrasound for you.

Schedule When Your Baby is Awake

If at all possible, schedule your ultrasound for a time when your baby is usually awake and kicking, this will give the tech plenty of chances to get the video you are going to love.

These are just a few tips on how to prepare for your 3D ultrasound. This is an exciting day for you and your baby, you want it done the right way. Contact Bond with Baby today for more information.

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