How to Know When your Child Needs a Tutor

Posted by Daniel Lawrence on December, 2015

When your child has increased studies and busy schedules around the house, individual teaching can be impactful to a child’s studies. Some children work well with a one-on-one teacher or tutor but other children work well with online tutors. There are some tell-tale signs that your child may need some help with their math and you need to watch out for them so they receive the help they need as soon as they need it.

Slipping Grades

If you are noticing that your child’s math grades are slipping on their latest report cards then it may be time to hire a tutor. If you have noticed some of their test scores have gone downhill you may want to talk to their teachers about your concerns. If your child is good at reading but has a difficult time at math they may not be able to comprehend their math homework. Talk to their teacher to find out where they are struggling in class and work together to decide whether or not they would benefit for the math online tutoring.

Unable to Manage Time

If you notice that your child puts off projects and homework and their workload begins to overwhelm them, it may be time to hire a tutor. Some delays are ok and should not be of concern. But if homework and projects are piling up, maybe they are having a difficult time understanding their work. They may be overwhelmed and unable to manage their time well. They could be avoiding a subject because they simply do not understand. This happens with math quite often.

Learning Disabilities

If you have a child who has a learning disability then it may be a good idea to hire an online tutor. If your son or daughter has been diagnosed autism or ADHD, then they may benefit from an online tutor especially if they are tech savvy and have a difficult time working with individuals on a one on one basis.


It is important to watch for signs that your child may need help with their school work. Many children who have trouble with math are afraid to admit it. As a parent, you must watch out for when your child is avoiding their work. This is typically because they are having trouble in school. You can be the first one to help them get on track.

If you have a child who has a learning disability then it may be a good idea to hire an online tutor. Contact us for online maths tutoring.

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