Ground Support Equipment- Common Equipment Used in Airports

There are many parts of the airport that are roped off to ordinary passengers. When you reach the aircraft directly through the tunnel or via a bus, the ground support staff is responsible for making sure that all the baggage is loaded up, and all of the different functions of the aircraft are properly checked. Ground support equipment is required, not only for loading baggage on the aircraft but also for carrying out common maintenance procedures on the craft. There are plenty of different types of Ground support equipment that are used by the ground support staff in order to make sure that the aircraft is loaded and ready to take off. Here are just some of the many different types of machines used:

Belt Loaders

Belt loaders need to be connected to a separate pickup truck and pulled over to the aircraft. The belt loader is fitted with conveyor belts that can be used for loading items and baggage on the plane. The belt loader is a very convenient piece of equipment that makes loading extremely easy. Passenger luggage can be loaded on the belt. The rollers will start working at the flick of a button, thus carrying the luggage over to the storage compartment on the belt. The height of the loader can also be adjusted, depending upon the type of the aircraft.

Ground Power Units

Ground power units are used to provide power to numerous other pieces of equipment that are used for maintaining the aircraft. Ground power units are often powered by petrol or diesel. Many airport maintenance companies often rent ground power units from different companies. These are not similar to standard electrical generators. Ground power units are considerably larger and are generally connected to pickup trucks in order to be towed around the airport runways.

Aircraft Air Conditioners

Aircraft air conditioners can be used in different types of aircraft to provide a comfortable trip for the passengers. There are plenty of versatile air conditioners that can be fitted in different types of aircraft. These air conditioners are also considered to be environmentally safe, so you do not have to worry about any damage to the environment either.

Cargo Loaders

Cargo loaders are like lifts that can be used for transporting cargo to the aircraft. The lift is loaded with baggage, and the hydraulic lift is powered up in order to transfer the cargo to the aircraft. Many aircraft that have loading bays at the bottom are loaded with such cargo lifts. These lifts can be ordered on a rental basis or purchased brand new. You can also get refurbished ground support equipment at a lower price.