How to Get Your Driver’s License Back in Chicago & Why You Can’t Go Without

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Legal Services

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Going without your license in Chicago is just a bad idea. Sure, the L-train is perfect for most public transport situations, but it’s so much better to have your own vehicle and to be able to go out driving when you need to get something. If you have lost your driving privileges and you live in the Chicago area, here’s how you can get your driver’s license reinstatement in Chicago.

Wait for the Suspension or Revocation to End

This is the long route to a driver’s license reinstatement in Chicago. It could be months before your full driving privileges and license are reinstated. Nobody wants to wait that long, not when your job may be on the line and your family depends on you. If it’s just a month or less, maybe you could get by, but when it’s several months, you need a lawyer.

Hire a Lawyer

To get your license reinstated sooner, you need to hire a lawyer. Even if the lawyer can’t get your license reinstated immediately, he or she can definitely shorten the time you have to wait. That really makes all the difference in the world between three months to a year and one or two months! In some cases, the license might be reinstated right away when your lawyer shows that your offense for loss of your driving privileges is a first-time offense and rather minor in the grand scheme of things.

If you choose to hire a lawyer in Chicago, contact Johnson & Goldrich P.C.

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