Farming Has Sure Come a Long Way: There’s an App for That Now

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Agricultural Service

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Being a farmer is hard work. Cows must be milked. Fields must be tended. Fences need mending. What has changed is the management of all that work by using the best farming apps available.

Digital Solutions
The best farming apps put productivity in the palm of your hand. Information is requested, received, and can be acted upon within minutes, such as:

• Farmer advisory services by text or voice
• Certification to keep track of non-conformities
• Monitoring and evaluation using geo-tagged photos
• And more

Farmers with large or remote tracts of land can ensure themselves that they have the latest information on which to act.

Using SaaS
SaaS (Software As A Service) allows farmers access to information from anywhere using a smartphone and internet service. SaaS delivers applications to the farmer. The software itself is on remote servers. The provider manages access to the application. One platform provides:

• Mobile technology
• Blockchain
• Computer imaging and the ability to identify the chemical make-up of substances
• The connection to billions of devices around the world on the internet and collecting and sharing data

Click on the link below to learn more about these concepts and abilities.

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